Home Theater Seating

Written by Liza Hartung
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You cannot have a home theatre without home theater seating. The seats are an integral part of viewing a film. You can have the most amazing surround sound, and a picture that looks like real life, but if you can't get comfortable, you will not enjoy yourself. Even if you have all the bags of popcorn and candy you could possibly want, when you find yourself switching positions every few moments, it's time to invest in some new home theater seating.

Some people may think, "Oh, I'll just go get a couch or two and that will be fine." I beg to differ. I watch many movies on a couch. When you sit up, your legs have nowhere to go, so you prop them on your coffee table. That gets uncomfortable, so you decide to lie down. However, this means you are looking at the movie screen sideways. Plus, you will want to flip over after about half an hour.

The best solution for all of these problems is to go ahead and get some good home theater seating. You will be surprised at all your options when you start looking. You can get seats likes ones in your local theater, if you like. Many will have drink holders and armrests that rise up. Do you like red, green, black? Theater seats come in your choice of color.

The Comfort of Home Theater Seating

When it comes to comfort and luxury in your home theater seating, what are you willing to get? Do you want theater chairs, or loungers? Chairs are chairs. They are what we all sit in when we go to the movies. Loungers, however, you will not see when hopping on over to your local theater.

Loungers are, basically, recliners. Most come in leather or nusuede. You sit back, relax, and kick up your feet. Oh, and if you don't want to reach that far to grab your soda, loungers almost always come with cup holders built in the arms. Granted, the armrests don't raise in a lounger, but they are far more comfortable and luxurious than chairs.

Home theater seating can make or break your home theater experience. Everyone wants to be very comfortable, but not to fall asleep. You want people sitting up, but in the most relaxed way possible. Also, there has to be a place for soda and snacks. How many of us can really sit through an entire movie and not have something to drink and a bite to eat?

What About Snacking?

Mostly, we put our snacks in our laps for easy access. However, if we take a little munchies break, we either put it on the floor, or keep it in our laps. You can avoid this dilemma, and the possibility of stepping on your snack, by getting a chair with a little tray, or adding tray tables to your theater.

Home Theater Seating for Convenience

Home theater seating allows for a real movie theater experience right in your own home. There are no lines to wait in, no possibility of a sold-out show, and no one sitting next to you who has to use the bathroom every five minutes. You can experience a movie on your terms.

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