Home Theater Seating Layout

Written by Liza Hartung
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When designing your home theater, you are going to have to come up with a home theater seating layout. If you have no background in this whatsoever, do not be alarmed. This is what experts are for. There are hardly any manufacturers of theater seating that are not familiar with optimal layouts. If you find you are working with someone who is not familiar with such things, I suggest finding a new manufacturer.

Generally, home theater seating layouts are one of two styles. You can lay your seats in straight rows, or curve them toward the screen. Most experts will tell you that curving toward the screen is best for viewing purposes. Another factor that will determine your layout is sound. There will be certain spots of your theater where sound is eaten up. There will be other spots where you will feel like you are in the movie because the sound quality is so good.

In addition, different materials will affect sound different ways. You will need to adjust depending on the material of your seats and that of your walls and floor. Again, an expert will help guide you. An expert will also tell you what the best angles are for viewing. This will be calculated based on the dimensions of your screen, and how the human eye sees.

Home Theater Seating Layout for the Best Theater

With more than one row, you will need to decide if you want stadium seating. I suggest this. There is nothing worse than watching a movie that you think is great, but you aren't quite sure because you have someone's head right in your eye line. Stadium seating is not necessary, but I guarantee you and your guests will be happiest with this home theater seating layout.

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