Home Theater Wall Sconces

Written by Liza Hartung
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I had no idea what home theater wall sconces were until I finally saw a picture. I just want to be honest here. Now that I know what they are, I realize that they are in every movie theater, and I have been referring to them simply as "lights." However, they go a little beyond your average light. They allow for low lighting during previews so latecomers can find their seats. They give a nice side glow to the theater.

For those who are like I was, I will attempt a description. However, you may just want to find a picture on the Internet. A wall sconce is a wall light with a piece of metal bent around it so that light emits from the top and bottom. Believe me, once you see a photo, it will all make sense. The next time you go to the movies, just look at the wall. They are all over the places.

Movie theaters, however, are usually not as creative about their wall sconces as you can be with home theater wall sconces. You can get sconces that have pictures and words carved in the middle, so that they light up when you flip the switch. This is a fantastic way to decorate your home theater.

Neat Home Theater Wall Sconces

There are fun wall sconces that have filmstrips down each side. Then, in the middle are different designs. You can get one with shooting stars, a movie ticket, a clapboard, bag of popcorn or the comedy/tragedy masks. If you really want to personalize your home theater, get home theater wall sconces that have your family's name on them. Your guests will be impressed.

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