Iron Accessories

Written by Serena Berger
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Iron accessories aren't for every room or every style, but in some cases, can be the perfect accent or way to complete your room. They can be stark and simple, their charm coming from their weight and simplicity. They can also be quite ornate, fashioned into many shapes and patterns.

Iron accessories can be as significant as small benches or chairs, pieces that go nicely in an entryway or outdoors. Similarly, there are lovely wrought iron tables that are often used outdoors. Iron accessories can also be a wonderful way to hang lighting fixtures, including candles, which cannot be as close to wood as they can be to iron.

Functional Iron Accessories

Another frequent use of iron is in racks or shelving. The pantry, the garage, or any other room in the house that could benefit from more storage areas might be the place for iron racks. There are also lovely iron accessories designs for hanging apparel.

Iron accessories go with a number of different themes and materials. They provide an interesting contrast with something light such as wicker, while providing an elegant counterpart to glass. The sky is the limit with iron accessories, for actual furniture pieces, and for tiny accent pieces and objects d'art.

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