Kids Bunk Beds

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many kinds of kids' bunk beds to choose from. Most bunk beds for children are designed specifically to provide a fun and space-saving solution for multi-children household. They can be particularly effective with twins, but can also be utilized for single-child rooms as well. Kids' bunk beds are great for sleep-overs and can provide safe and effective working spaces as well.

When choosing between all the kids' bunk beds out there, safety should be the number one issue. The ladder should be set at a 70° angle and be fitted with side rails that are small enough for small hands to grip. If extra precaution is needed, one can always place non-slip treads on the steps themselves and place a rug or soft landing material underneath the bed.

Making Bunk Beds Fun to Sleep in

Any bunk bed can be made extra-special by purchasing one of many bed bunk accessories. These include personal privacy curtains for the lower bunk, and pup tents that can be installed on the upper bunk. Some furniture or toy manufacturers also offer hanging hammocks made for children to store their stuffed animals and other toys when they are not in use.

More than a few kids bunk beds emulate popular children's themes and are built and painted like fire engines, castles, playground play sets, and spaceships. Some give the child and parent the choice on whether to place the bottom bunk parallel with the top bunk, or perpendicular with it. Older children can also be given a bunk bed with a matching desk computer desk, pull-out keyboard, and chair, or the ability to transform the bottom bunk bed into a comfortable futon sofa.

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