Le Corbusier Chairs

Written by Nicholas Kamuda
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In 1929, a flurry of new Le Corbusier chairs was released, including much of the Grand Comfort series. Other LC series chairs and sofas, such as the LC1 Easy Chair and the LC7 armchair, were also released in 1929. Though the look of these items varies, the use of black leather and Le Corbusier's focus on comfort is observable in all of them.

The LC1 Through LC7 Le Corbusier Chairs

The LC1 Easy Chair is a small chair that uses stretched leather (now available in pony hide) and tubular steel to create a cradle for the human body. Like many other Le Corbusier chairs, the LC1 sits squarely on four tubular steel legs, but its angled body offers an update on traditional chair designs. The LC1 is by far the most weightless of the 1929 Corbu chair designs, and resembles Marcel Breuer's chair designs from the same period.

The LC2, 3, and Grand Comfort series are variations on the same theme. In these series, Le Corbusier builds fortresses of comfort out of lush, black leather pads that are situated on four thin, elegant tubular steel legs. Each of the LC2, 3 and Grand Comfort series include a two-seater sofa, a three-seater, and an easy chair.

The LC4 Lounge Chair and the LC7 easy chair are unique among the late 20s LC designs. Both use more organic curves and rounded forms to produce comfortable, enveloping surroundings for the user. The Lounge Chair is the quintessential classic modern chaise lounge, and uses the flexibility of tubular steel bars to support the user's weight. The LC7 has a circular seat pad and integrates the backrest with the armrests to create a tight package that is more versatile than other Le Corbusier chairs.

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