Leather Recliners

Written by Sierra Rein
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Leather recliners are extremely popular pieces of living room or bedroom furniture. Most leather recliners have built-in footrests that extend past the feet once the chair is set into its secondary position. However, some recliners do not have footrests and require the use of an ottoman or coffee table edge in order to put one's feet up. The most expensive leather recliners are 100% leather, while the less costly kinds are built with a combination of leather and less-expensive vinyl.

There are three main types of recliners, which can be found upholstered in either leather or regular fabric. The first, the less expensive two-position recliner, contains a foot latch that releases the chair back into a properly "reclining" position. The second recliner type, called the rocker (or "wall-save") requires no lever to release the chair hinge; this allows a wide range of reclining angles and the ability to set the chair near a wall without fear. The final type of recliner is the push or flex-back recliner, which only reclines in the back.

Reminders on Buying and Owning Leather Recliners

One of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing leather recliners is failing to take into account exactly how big the chairs become once they are fully reclined. It is essential to either measure the chair in both reclined and upright positions, or ask the manufacturer for these specifics.

Owning a leather recliner also requires knowing how to take care and maintain it throughout the year. Never place leather recliners outdoors or in a damp or wet environment. A leather cleaning kit is a good idea to keep on hand, especially if young children or pets are in the house. Some leather recliners have removable cushions or covers just in case they become seriously damaged or ripped.

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