Living Room Furniture

Written by Sierra Rein
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When designing a living room, one is going to have to consider what living room furniture to use. There are literally hundreds of different styles, wood stains, paint colors, shapes, and accessories to choose from. It all depends on your design decisions and living room ideals. Some living room chairs and sofas are classically designed, while others are more modern and up to date.

The basic pieces of any living room furniture set are the sofa (sectional or single-piece), loveseat (which fits two people), coffee table, ottoman, recliner, home entertainment center, and shelving units. One can also purchase upholstered chaises (sofas with only one side--an armrest), papasans, and side tables for a more exotic layout. The most expensive pieces of living room furniture are made of leather, velvet, silk and velour.

Before buying living room furniture, it is important to get a general understanding of the size of the room and decide whether or not to incorporate any existing furniture. For specific furniture pieces, be sure to measure out how many inches you have available on the floor plan. Most manufacturers will allow you to pick and choose between matching pieces to create a cost-effective living room furniture set.

Properly Caring for Living Room Furniture

Large families and homeowners that plan on inviting guests over should learn how to clean and maintain their living room pieces over the years. Wood should be dusted every few weeks, the upholstery spot cleaned, and rips and tears re-sewn as soon as possible. If you expect many spills and drips to occur, be sure to purchase living room furniture that does not stain or rip easily; for example, microfiber sofas are extremely durable and easy to clean.

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