Living Room Sets

Written by Sierra Rein
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Living room sets have been in production ever since furniture manufacturers decided to match up living room pieces with each other. Today, there are thousands of sets to choose from, from prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. However, no matter what, a living room set must be able to make the room livable.

The basic components to any living room set are a sofa or couch, coffee table, recliner, end tables, a few bookcases, and an entertainment center. The best design choice is to buy a set with matching woods and upholstery fabrics. If children are a part of the household equation, buy upholstered chairs and sofas that are easy to clean. In this case, it is also a good idea not to buy any expensive wood furniture sets, unless you do not mind collecting random scratches and dents over the years.

Never purchase a living room set that contains an incongruous piece of furniture, unless you are planning on selling it or giving it away. It is better to leave an area of the floor empty than to crowd it with an ugly or useless chair or table. If there is to be a great number of furniture pieces in the room, it is best to make the carpet and upholstery match. This way, it creates an illusion of space in the otherwise small room.

Arranging Living Room Sets

When setting up and placing the pieces from a living room set, keep in mind that traffic flow and conversation focal points are the most important issues to address. Start with the biggest piece and place it near the largest wall facing the focal point of the room (be it a home entertainment system, window or fireplace). A conversation area can be placed around this central spot, perhaps with a few chairs on either side of the sofa with the coffee table placed in an accessible and conducive place between them.

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