Livingroom Furniture

Written by Serena Berger
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Living room furniture should be one of the most exciting ways to express yourself with home decorating. Have you ever been to someone's house and found that she "never uses the living room," or that her furniture is covered with a cloth so that it never gets dirty or damaged? That seems sad--the living room should be a place where you're happy to ... well ... live.

The most critical elements in living room furniture are the sofas and chairs. Obviously you want these to be comfortable and attractive, with colors and fabrics that please you. You may also want to consider the care of the fabrics that you choose--while microfibers are gaining popularity for their ease in care, there are still cases where you may want twill, cotton, leather, velvet, brocade, or any number of other fabrics.

Completing Your Living Room Furniture

While you will likely select your sofas and chairs first, it is actually the details of the other pieces of furniture that turn a good room into a great room. The tables, stools, perhaps an entertainment center, bookcases, lighting, or decorations are the elements that complete and personalize a room. Here, too, you will find your own balance between utility, durability, and aesthetics.

Some pieces are designed particularly to save space, such as entertainment cabinets or nesting tables. Others are designed for comfort, such as footstools. And of course some items are designed simply to be beautiful. Your living room furniture should make a room to which you want to come home every day--one where you are equally comfortable inviting guests and relaxing with your own family. With a little ingenuity and some help from the Internet, it is possible to find that optimal combination.

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