Lodge Pole Furniture

Written by Emily Ledbetter
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There are three types of wood typically used in constructing rustic log furniture--aspen, skip peeled and turned lodge pole. Many people in the market for furniture are drawn to pieces crafted from turned lodge pole because the wood is fully stripped and has a very clean appearance. The logs are sent through a doweller, a woodworking tool which gives each piece a uniform size. Lodge pole furniture is typically more economical than other types of rustic furniture due to the fact that each log is dimensional and, therefore, easier to work with.

The lodge pole pine species grows throughout the Western United States along the Rocky Mountain Range. Native Americans have traditionally used this type of wood to make the "lodge poles" for their teepees. An infestation of bark beetles in the lodge pole forests of the West has resulted in large sections of dead standing trees. These dead standing trees make excellent logs for furniture because they are dry, small in diameter and have small branches. The clearing of dead standing trees is beneficial for the overall growth of the forest because it helps prevent forest fires and makes room for new tree growth.

Varieties of Lodge Pole Furniture

Turned lodge pole can be used to make most any piece of furniture for the interior and exterior of the home, cabin or office. Furniture crafted from lodge pole creates a great way to introduce a bit of rustic charm into a home in the city because of its clean appearance. It also fits in well in a cozy mountain cabin with an eclectic mix of log furniture.

Indoor furniture such as beds, dining tables and chairs, armoires and mantels are popular turned lodge pole selections. Benches, swings, patio sets, rocking chairs and other outdoor furniture pieces can also be made from turned lodge pole.

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