Loft Beds

Written by Sierra Rein
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Those who are eager to solve storage area problems in a fun and interesting manner should consider purchasing loft beds. A loft bed is basically a bed on stilts, with a single ladder installed in one corner to allow one to climb in and out of it. They are perfect for college dorm rooms, small bedrooms, children's rooms, and communal sleeping quarters.

More often than not, loft beds are tall enough to lift the mattress to a level above the head. These provide ample space to place shelving units, dresser drawers, or even computer desk and chair sets underneath them. However, some loft beds are only as tall as one's hip and chest, and merely provide just enough storage space underneath it for a large trunk or small set of dresser drawers.

Because it is designed to be so high off the ground, it is essential to choose a loft bed that is sturdy and is built with guardrails running the length of the bed on all sides. The mattress should be sized to fit with no more than an inch of space between the edge of the mattress and the guardrails. The ladder must be securely attached and must be set at a comfortable and safe climbing angle.

Establish Safety Rules Regarding Children's Loft Beds

Children can enjoy loft beds fully, as long as they know how to treat them with respect. Parents must teach their kids not to roughhouse on the top of the loft, and should never even allow children younger than six to sleep in one. A night light should be placed near or around the ladder area to provide ample lighting, should the child have the need to get out of bed for a bathroom or water break.

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