Log Benches

Written by David Somerfleck
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Benches have a number of uses throughout the home. Many people choose to incorporate log benches into their home décor because it provides the perfect way to add a bit of rustic charm that mixes in well with any type of interior design style.

Log benches can be crafted from a variety of wood types including aspen, turned lodge pole and skip peeled. Each type of wood has different characteristics: aspen logs have a knotted and knobby look but smooth texture, skip peeled logs retain some bark on the pole, and turned lodge pole is a clean, fully stripped wood. Every bench crafted from logs is one-of-a-kind because each piece of wood has its own unique characteristics.

Different Uses for Benches

There are a number of spots in the home where log benches can be both useful and aesthetically pleasing. One common use for indoor benches is at the dining table. Many families use two long benches on opposite sides of the table rather than chairs because, when necessary, additional people can fit on the benches. Another benefit of dining benches is that it gives meals a casual, picnic feel that many families, especially those with young children, enjoy. Benches can also be placed at the foot of the bed to serve as a place for stacking blankets and also sitting while dressing. Half benches are commonly found inside the door of mountain cabins as a spot to sit while removing snow-covered boots and coats.

Log benches can also be placed outdoors to provide extra seating on a deck or patio. Another great use is to put a log bench in a garden or in a clearing in the woods as a resting spot during a long hike.

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