Log Bunk Beds

Written by Emily Ledbetter
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Every kid begs for a set of bunk beds at some point in their childhood. Bunk beds are the perfect furniture piece for siblings sharing a room or for children who have friends frequently sleeping over. They come in a variety of styles from colorful steel tube frames or solid wood to more ornate beds designed to resemble boats or fairy-tale castles.

One style of bunk beds popular with both children and parents is rustic log. Parents prefer log construction because it is sturdy and safe, while younger kids think it is cool to have a bed that looks the forest. Log bunk beds can be constructed in the standard twin over twin set-up or in larger sizes up to queen with the beds built perpendicular to each other rather than parallel.

Take a Camping Trip Without Leaving the House

Unlike boring, adult bedrooms, children's rooms often are decorated around a fun theme. For the child who loves the outdoors, there is no bed better than a log bunk bed! In addition to the rustic look of the bed, you can decorate the room with lanterns, stuffed bears and other wildlife and wallpaper or a mural that creates the illusion that your child is sleeping out in the wilderness.

In addition to being used in children's rooms, bunk beds also make a convenient addition to a cramped dorm room. By stacking the two beds, college roommates have more room for mini-refrigerators, bookshelves, clothes storage and, of course, ramen noodles and mac and cheese! Many families who find themselves outgrowing vacation homes also incorporate bunk beds as a way to add additional sleeping space while not taking up any more floor space.

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