Log Night Stands

Written by David Somerfleck
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Are you looking for a way to bring a touch of mountain charm into your bedroom? Purchasing a log bed, already built or as a do-it-yourself kit, is a powerful way to accomplish that. However, a log bed is not an option for many people due to budget restrictions or, in many cases, they do not want to part with the bed they currently have.

You may want to consider smaller pieces of furniture as an effective way to incorporate rustic décor into a room that is already outfitted with the main, substantial pieces of furniture. Log night stands make a wonderful addition to any bedroom. Whether the night stand is part of a suit complete with a log bed and dresser or as the lone piece of log furniture in the room, it will serve to bring a bit of the outdoors into the home.

The Bedside "Catch All"

Log night stands come in many styles and have countless uses. One drawer or three, wooden handles carved into the drawer or decorative drawer pulls, natural top or custom-cut glass top to protect the integrity of the wood, a matching set or different styles for each side of the bed--the possibilities are endless!

Regardless of the style you choose, your log night stand is destined to become the bedside catch all. Books, reading glasses, remote controls, alarm clocks and lamps all make great additions to the top of any night stand. Stuck in bed with an illness? Log night stands are the ideal companion for the sick, holding tissues, medicine, juice glasses, telephone and magazines!

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