Log Rocking Chairs

Written by David Somerfleck
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There are few things more relaxing than gently rocking back and forth on the porch of a mountain top cabin. Unfortunately, we cannot all own a rustic retreat complete with rocking chairs placed perfectly for watching the evening sunset. However, by adding log furniture and mountain-themed accent pieces to our homes we all have the ability to create a warm, rustic atmosphere. . .even in the middle of the city!

Log rocking chairs provide more than just a bit of mountain charm to a home. A couple of rocking chairs on the front porch make any home more inviting. They provide a great spot for a family to relax and talk with each other at the end of the day. Rocking chairs also promote friendly neighborhood relations by encouraging neighbors to stop by for a rock and a chat.

Rock A Bye Baby

If you are asked to name one item found in nearly every baby's nursery, chances are pretty high "rocking chair" will come to mind. While rocking chairs serve as decorative pieces of furniture that can tie the look of a nursery together, they are also very functional. Just ask any new mom! Babies find the rocking motion soothing and are often rocked to sleep in their mothers' arms.

The chairs can also be used during feedings as the arms provide support for positioning the baby in the ideal feeding position. Many mothers opt to add cushions to the seat and arms of log rocking chairs to boost the comfort level. Chair cushions also give the option of incorporating fabrics that complement the décor of the nursery.

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