Written by Liza Hartung
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Imagine having people over to watch a movie in your new home theater and they walk in to see loungers. They are never going to want to leave. Maybe they never will leave. They might just stay and have movies shipped to them. This is why a lounger is made. They are superiorly comfortable, and perhaps the best way to watch a movie.

A lounger is, basically, a recliner. They usually come connected in a row based on the number of seats you ordered. You can have them in a straight line or a semi-circle facing the screen. Many have cup holders, and you can always order snack trays. Leather is the standard fabric, but you can order nusuede, velour and several others as well.

Loungers are Best Way to See a Movie

How many of us, when given a choice, would rather sit in a lounger than a normal seat? I know I would. Granted, regular theater seating is fine. It is comfortable and generally does not distract me from the movie experience. However, loungers can add to the movie experience. You are sitting up, facing the screen dead on, but you are in ultimate comfort. Go ahead, throw back the recliner and put your seat up.

Loungers are wonderful. You will have friends talking about your home theater for years. You will probably not want to leave your theater. I know if I had a home theater with a lounger or two, you would always know where to find me. You can't beat a great movie, soda, popcorn and a superior seat.

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