Love Seats

Written by Sierra Rein
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In the world of furniture, a love seat is defined as a small sofa or a double-wide chair that seats two people. It can be fully cushioned and upholstered, or it can be made of wicker, wood, or rattan. Some futon love seats are designed as pullout sofa beds and can actually provide queen-size sleeping arrangements for visiting guests. Others are made for outdoor use and can be equipped with waterproof seats and pillows in case of rough weather.

Many people prefer love seats because they are smaller than regular three-seat sofas. Love seats can fit even small, one bedroom or studio apartments. They can also provide an extra touch of comfort in an office, living room, or bedroom. They are also usually cheaper than full-sized couches.

A Few Ideas about Love Seats

While love seats are great for a number of reasons, some people object to sitting in them due to issues of personal space. A love seat practically forces two people to sit very close together, and usually hip to hip. A romantic or married couple will not usually mind it, but two strangers may have a bit of trouble with the intimate seating arrangement. It is also more difficult to carry on a conversation with a stranger when he or she is mere inches away.

When purchasing a love seat unit, make sure that the cushions are strong and spring-loaded. Oftentimes, the weight of two people can cause the centermost seat cushion edges to sag and deflate. However, you can avoid this problem by purchasing a love seat with one elongated cushion rather than two smaller ones. You can also reduce the possibility of this by rotating the cushions every few months, if the construction of the sofa makes this possible.

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