Luxurious Furniture

Written by Charles Peacock
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Luxurious furniture is always a good investment. The best furniture is usually created by the best designers, and in addition to having a stylish, modern look--it is usually the most durable stuff out there. Styles of course change over the years, but there is something to be said for luxurious furniture that is both comfortable and durable.

Luxurious Furniture Materials

For hundreds of years, people have been crafting luxurious furniture with rare expensive materials like teak, mahogany, and leather. And while all of these materials are still popular today, we have added newer materials in recent years that add to the style and durability of our furniture, without sacrificing comfort or luxury. In my opinion, the best furniture takes advantage of all the materials that are out there.

In terms of luxurious materials, leather and mahogany will always have a place at the top of people's lists. Anyone who has owned a leather couch knows that the feel and comfort level is unparalleled. The good news is that leather is still readily available and is often employed in modern furniture design. The same can't be said for rare woods like mahogany.

When Europeans first colonized the Americas, whole forests of mahogany trees were ready for the taking. And take we did--reducing many of these forests to deserts. Because of this luxury furniture designers have increasingly turned away from this and other types of outrageously expensive of wood, in favor of cheaper metals and plastics. But this isn't necessarily a bad thing--some of the most stylish and functional furniture out there is made entirely of materials that were invented in the last 50 years.

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