Microfiber Sofas

Written by Sierra Rein
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The term "microfiber" refers to any fabric made of 100 percent micro-denier polyester woven to create a light, durable, and breathable type of cloth. Due to the fact that its threads are 200 times finer than human hair, microfiber cloth is as soft as suede. It is also comparatively easy to clean and can be maintained year-round.

Sofas made with microfiber fabrics are very versatile and simple to care for. Microfiber sofas are great for children's rooms, recreational areas, casual cafés and restaurants, or any other place where spills are likely to occur. Indeed, microfiber sofas are touted to last three times longer than normal upholstered sofas, yet are fashionable enough to be included in even high-class living rooms as well.

If you already own your own sofa, you can still take advantage of what microfiber has to offer. Many sofa manufacturers also make microfiber slipcovers that can be easily installed onto an existing sofa unit or love seat. Those who are handy in the sewing room might also consider purchasing a few yards of microfiber fabric and making custom pillowcases, arm rest covers, and slip covers for themselves.

Caring for Microfiber Sofas

Most fabric experts agree that most liquids will not penetrate the weave of microfiber. Thus, most spills can be easily mopped up with a sponge or cloth. Rubbing alcohol can spot treat ink, while dabbing with mild soap and water takes care of most long-term stains. Use an anti-static spray if pets are present. In order to prevent mold, be sure to dry all cleaned areas thoroughly with a hair dryer.

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