Modern Chairs

Written by Sarah Provost
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If you're searching for modern chairs, the Web is the place to find styles you might never have dreamed of. There are chairs in the shapes of stiletto-heeled shoes and wisdom teeth. There are soft cubes, sweeping curves and angular asymmetrical designs. There are fabrics to choose from in an eye-popping array.

Modern Chairs in Classic Designs

A red high-heeled shoe chair is a great accent piece, but the bones of a room are best displayed in a chair of classic design. Eames, Corbusier, Cassina and Herman Miller designs are available in authentic pieces for the serious collector as well as excellent reproductions to fit a smaller budget. Their clean, sleek lines will complement any room and integrate well with other modern or contemporary pieces.

One person's "sleek" is another's "stark," so it's nice to know that you can buy modern chairs in a variety of upholstery fabrics and colored leathers. A nubby blue mohair fabric can provide a spot of brightness that a room may need, and is at the same time texturally inviting. If a black or brown leather chair looks too severe in your room, why not try scarlet?

Of course, design and color are, in my opinion, secondary to comfort. Some modern chairs are delightful to look at and purgatorial to sit in. However, don't be too quick to assume that a particular design will not be comfortable. An Eames plywood chair, for instance, is much more comfortable than some other designs with deep cushions or soft padding. The true test comes when you sit down and relax.

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