Modern Coffee Tables

Written by Charles Peacock
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Modern coffee tables, like other pieces of modern furniture, should revel in their own simplicity. But simple furniture shapes, colors, and designs are not as easy to achieve as one might think--the wealth of traditional-looking furniture out there proves that it's hard to design something new that truly is better than the old favorites. Let's take a look at some of the qualities that make modern coffee worth adding to your home.

Qualities of Modern Coffee Tables

Since a coffee table is usually the physical center of a conversation, it's great to have one that can also be the topical center of conversation. We've all seen modern coffee tables before--so what can make one truly stand out? Aside from good, clean design, small innovations can make coffee tables truly interesting.

The best modern coffee tables are soothing to look at, but also functional. Magazine storage is a good thing to look for. We all like to display magazines on top of our coffee tables, but often times this can leave them looking cluttered. Look for coffee tables that feature discreet (but still visible) pockets or shelves that can hold a small stack of magazines.

More radical innovations are also available in the current crop of modern coffee tables. I've seen ones with small geometric depressions in the center that can be filled with candy, stones, or even flowers. Coffee tables are also available with internal lighting, so they appear to glow with a soft light that adds a new dimension of style to your room.

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