Modern Couches

Written by Sarah Provost
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Modern couches have come a long way from the stiff, tasseled beasts that used to hulk in living rooms and parlors. Today's furniture combines comfort, practicality and stunning design to give you an almost endless array to choose from. With so many choices, consumers are glad for the convenience of online shopping, so that they can see as many styles in an hour on the Web as they could by spending a weekend going from store to store.

Modern Couches May Serve Multiple Purposes

Many modern couches are designed with more than one function in mind. Sofa beds and futon couches that can be used for sleeping have been around for a while. Now you might want couches that recline or give you a massage. You might want pop-up snack tables and drink holders for home theaters. Sectional couches can be rearranged to suit a variety of needs.

The primary purpose of any couch, though, is comfortable seating. Modern couches run the gamut of styles and upholstery, giving you many options to choose from, and many elements to be decided. Take things like climate into consideration, for instance. If you live in a hot, humid climate, leather might not be your best choice. Opt for cotton or another natural fiber, perhaps in a slipcover style that can be taken off and cleaned. A deep, inviting leather couch is gorgeous: Mildew is not.

The couch is likely to be the focal point of your room, so it's best, if you're doing the whole room, to choose your couch first. Large rooms can accommodate huge sweeps of sectionals, while smaller rooms might be overwhelmed by anything other than a wicker-frame couch with loose pillows. Similarly, large rooms can handle flamboyant patterns, where small rooms might need neutrals or at least solid colors. Again, use the power of the Internet to let you picture lots of choices before you make a decision.

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