Modern Dining Tables

Written by Charles Peacock
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Modern dining tables will probably be the last type of modern furniture to be adopted by the general public. People tend to think of dinner time with a sort of old-fashioned nostalgia, and it's more common to hold on to grandma's classy dining table than it is to hold on to her classy (but worn) old sofa. If you're brave enough to revolutionize your dining room, however, there are a lot of benefits.

Choosing Modern Dining Tables

Everyone loves eating out in a great restaurant with innovative, modern design. Cool tables and chairs can add a great deal of atmosphere to a restaurant, and all great restaurants think carefully about what kind of furniture to use. If you're putting together a modern dining room, think about the restaurants you like the most, and see if you can recreate a similar atmosphere in your own home.

Some of the neatest modern dining tables out there are those that come with internal lighting. Usually made of an advanced translucent polymer, they actually glow, and can shift among a palette of colors. A great benefit of this type of table is that when you set plastic or glass tableware on the table, it will also begin to glow, creating a cool, futuristic look.

Another feature of many futuristic dining tables is the ability to customize the shape. Say you're having a few people over for dinner, and you need a bigger table to accommodate your guests. Certain modern dining tables have hidden panels that can fold out and expand the size of your dining area.

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