Modern Sectional Sofas

Written by Sarah Provost
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Modern sectional sofas provide versatility in these days of "great rooms," where many functions can be combined in one space. The earliest sectionals were simply sofas divided up and fitted with corner pieces, but modern sectional sofas offer a variety of different pieces. You can find chaises, recliners, snack tables and several other options.

Customize Modern Sectional Sofas

These options allow you to customize modern sectional sofas to suit your needs and your lifestyle. Many homes now have great rooms that serve the functions of living room, family room and den. As a result, sectional sofas have become ever more popular due to their versatility.

These days, one of the primary uses of living space is to watch home entertainment. Sections can be lined up and interspersed with drink holders and snack tables to create home theater seating. Recliners are nice for feet-up comfort while viewing, too. You can have even more comfort than at the theatre, and without the annoying conversation of the strangers behind you or hazardous waste on the floor.

Arrange your sectional in a square or U formation for board games or to create a "conversation pit." Separate the pieces as widely as space allows in order to create flow for a cocktail party. If you have teenagers in your home, push all the pieces together to create a place for unrestricted lounging. With today's sectional sofas, your choices are as varied as your activities.

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