Modern Sofa Sets

Written by Sarah Provost
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Modern sofa sets bear little resemblance to the staid "suites" of earlier generations. Today's sofa sets, usually consisting of a sofa, love seat and chair, may still match in style and color, but their sophisticated designs take them to another level. There are also many more choices available in style and color, even in leather, which is often the preferred upholstery in modern sofa sets.

What style pleases you most: modern classics, contemporary or ultramodern? The modern classics include reproductions of work by Eames, La Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer and other geniuses of the first half of the twentieth century. These classics are traditionally done in black leather and chromed steel, with a very spare style.

The contemporary style in modern sofa sets also uses leather as the primary upholstery material, but these pieces come in a wide variety of colors. The silhouette is softer and more rounded, and the frame may be either steel or wood. The combination of curves and color make these modern sofa sets very inviting, and a bit less formal than the designer classics.

Modern Sofa Sets Go Ultramodern

The third category, ultramodern, takes the contemporary look a few steps further. It combines the bright color of the contemporary style with even more innovative designs. Look for "floating" frames, asymmetry, and pieces upholstered in two or more colors. All three styles make bold statements, and bring a sleek, sophisticated look to your living room.

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