Movie Poster Frames

Written by Liza Hartung
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Movie poster frames are a little different from marquees. Marquees generally have some form of lighting around the border and tend to be thicker. Frames are exactly what they sound like. They are frames large enough to hold a movie poster. You do not have to plug them in, like you would a marquee. They are lighter and easier to move from one place to another.

Poster frames make wonderful decorations for your home movie theater. They are the perfect finishing touches. You can rotate posters if you would like, or keep up your favorite flicks. Get creative and have fun with your frames. You might want to get different posters for the same movie and make a little display out of them.

What to do with Movie Poster Frames

There are many different styles of movie poster frames available. Do an online search and you will see what I mean. Get a whole bunch of different styles, or go with a mono-themed look. Something that is fun to do is to line the hallway leading up to your home theater with movie poster frames. This will get people excited even before they walk in.

You would not have a home theater if you did not understand how thrilling it is to go to the movies. You get an experience in a theater that you can never get in your living room. In order to maximize your home movie theater experience, I suggest film poster frames. You will be surprised at how much character they add, and how they will authenticate your theater.

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