Original Stone Designs

Written by Serena Berger
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Original stone designs in sculptures and accent pieces can be a perfect way to personalize your garden or beautify your lawn. Stone pieces range from subtle and natural to regal and dramatic, so it's easy to find something that jives with your taste. You can find something cute and whimsical to place among your flowers or herbs, or something impressive and imposing to place in the entrance or foyer of your home if you want to catch visitors' attention right away.

Original Stone Designs in Architectural Elements

One of the most common uses of stone in decorating is as the frame for a window, mirror, or arbor. Some designs are replications of elegant Greek or Roman designs, or at least use the traditions of those societies' aesthetic ideals as their inspiration. Other original stone designs take their inspiration from the lovely and detailed interiors of chapels and churches throughout history, as these have often been buildings decorated with the greatest care and love.

Some artists use real stones and engrave them or carve them with original stone designs. It can be fairly expensive to buy custom crafted stone art, however. Most of us would be better off looking at mass produced pieces or pieces crafted with artificial materials, especially in larger statuary that's supposed to look like marble or something really costly.

A lot of so-called stone designs are actually made with resin or concrete and painted very convincingly to look like stone. Some of them have the weight of stone, if you're concerned with the tactile element. Conversely, others are quite light, if you're more concerned with portability.

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