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Pine Captains Bed

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A pine captains bed may be just what you are looking to finish off your child's bedroom or any guest room with limited storage space. A captains bed offers a very sturdy frame as well as storage drawers that make this piece of furniture multi-purpose. Although captains bed may be more suitable to children, the functionality of this bed makes it terrific for any bedroom.

Added Sleeping Capacity

If you are lucky enough to own a vacation home somewhere you may be faced with the challenge of not being able to accomodate all of your company with sleeping areas. While you invite friends or another family to join you on a vacation they may have to make arrangements to sleep at an inn or motel. Purchasing a captains bed or two can turn a smaller bedroom into a bunk room capable of holding more than one bed.

Since the beds offer storage and dresser space you do not have to worry about completely furnishing a room to make it livable. A pine captains bed features many drawers that allow you to store clothes or other vacation accessories and can save space by eliminating the need for a dresser.

Shopping for a Pine Captains Bed

The local furniture store may have traditional captains beds that have all the necessary features but the style may not be what you are looking for. Visiting a rustic furniture retailer or manufacturer will allow you to browse many different types of woods that can be used, including pine. To look at what our preferred manufacturer has to offer just click on the above link.

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