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Pine Dresser

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Setting the Standards High

A pine dresser is both beautiful and functional. You need a place to store your abundance of sweaters and shirts. Being the fashion-forward woman that you are, not just any dresser will do.

In order to keep with the natural theme of your hardwood-floors and pine bed frame, you'd like to find a unique pine dresser to complete the look. You've found several online but none of them offer adequate space. After all, no one has more sweaters than you.

Customize Your Pine Dresser

Just at the point where you are feeling discouraged you reached this site. Now you've undoubtedly heard me talk about customizing your own furniture. Maybe you're interested in hearing a little more about it?

Let's say you find a dresser you love only there are four drawers instead of five. To fix the situation simply send an email to customer service and tell them exactly what you want. Your order can be processed and custom built in only a matter of weeks.

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