Pine Furniture

Written by Emily Ledbetter
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There are hundreds of different types of woods used to make furniture ranging from the fragrant, dark teak wood native to India and Thailand and mahogany which dates back to the Chippendale furniture era to birch which is commonly used in cabinet making. Perhaps one of the most common woods used in furniture, especially in North America, is pine which is a soft wood that is white or pale yellow.

Pine is ideal for furniture because it does not react to changes in humidity with shrinking or swelling and it is also one of the least expensive natural materials available for furniture manufacturing. In addition to the traditional solid pine bed, the wood is also frequently used in the production of desks, bookshelves, sofa and chair frames and dining tables.

Pine can be used in the crafting of furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. Many manufacturers ship the pieces in kits to be installed when received by the consumer. The kits typically include easy-to-follow instructions along with all of the hardware needed for assembly. Most pine furniture pieces are relatively easy to assemble. However, if you are shopping for an intricate style of furniture that is produced using a number of different pieces, you may want to search for a manufacturer who will ship the piece pre-assembled.

Preparing for Outdoor Use

Because pine furniture is typically sold in kits, the pieces of wood received are unfinished. Most manufacturers suggest that all pieces of both indoor and outdoor pine furniture be finished once it is received. However, it is strongly recommended that furniture that is to be used outdoors be finished with a penetrating, oil-based water repellent that has UV protection and mildicides. This finish is important to protect the furniture from the elements and should be repeated periodically to maintain the natural qualities and beauty of the wood.

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