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Pine Nightstand

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Preserving an Heirloom

Your pine nightstand was a hand-me-down from your grandmother. It has stayed by your bedside loyally since the age of nine. Now that you're married it is time to decide the fate of your trusty nightstand.

You don't want to throw it away, but you can't have one night stand in your room. Your husband needs one as well, and the set should be matching. You can either give it to Good Will or move it to the guest bedroom.

Replicating Your Pine Nightstand

If only you could find another pine nightstand just like it. Before making any rash decisions, let me ask you something. Have you looked online for a similar night stand? If your answer is no, why haven't you?

Send a picture of your night stand to the manufacturer provided in this link and he can custom build a replica for you. While no two natural wood stands will be the same due to the beauty and originality of the wood, you'll be able to purchase something strikingly similar. Made-to-order furniture does in fact exist, and through this site you've found it.

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