Poster Cases

Written by Liza Hartung
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Poster cases are a great way to give your home theater an authentic feel. These cases are generally backlit and have locking doors for easy poster switching. Many of them have phrases we all know and love on them, such as, "Now Showing," and "Coming Soon." There is nothing like a great movie poster, advertising that it is coming soon, to get an audience hyped up.

These cases are what make a movie-going experience. You'll be at the cinema, pass by a poster that catches your eye, and you ask yourself, "Ooh, is this out yet?" Then, you look at the top of the case to see that it is, indeed, now showing. Imagine having these in your home theater. How fun would that be? You could even line them in the hallway leading to your movie theater. It's almost like a preview.

I think it is wonderful that poster cases are available for sale outside of movie theaters. I never would have thought of them for a home theater. However, now that I do, I think it's brilliant. We all go to the movies because they are bigger than life. You can add to the drama, hype, mystery and glam of going to the movies in your very own home with poster cases.

Your Poster Cases

You will be surprised at how many different kinds of cases are available. Pull up a site on the Internet. Many public movie theaters conform to a certain look. However, there are various looks in various colors. Pick a theme and go with it, or just have an eclectic mix. Whatever you want to do with these cases, do it. This is your home theater.

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