Poster Marquees

Written by Liza Hartung
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You can make your home theater as authentic and complete as possible just by adding poster marquees. Imagine the fun feel your theater will have with a few of these around. Movie theaters everywhere have marquees. We all look at them before and after we see a film because we are interested to know what it coming out soon. We want to find out if anything looks good.

Do what you want with your poster marquees. For fun, you can put in them posters of your all-time favorite movies. You can put in poster of classics. In addition, if you are having a birthday party or an anniversary, you can get a picture of the honored people and put them in the marquees! Get creative. Your friends and guests will love the marquees and the feel they add to the theater.

Poster Marquees for Fun Decoration

There are different styles of marquees for you to choose from. Some will be framed in a blue neon light. You will find the traditional marquee with gold background and little light bulbs encircling the poster. Hop online, do a search and see what you come up with. If you had not thought of doing this before, the pictures may help you change your mind.

I have some friends who have their own home theater and they have a movie night once a week. They have four-poster marquees in their theater and they will put the posters of the next four movies they are showing. They fill up for the month. This way, we all know if we want to see the movie or not. However, even if I have seen the movie dozens of times, I am hard pressed to turn down an opportunity to have a private showing in a great little theater.

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