Pub Tables

Written by Serena Berger
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Pub tables are a great extension of a home bar set-up. If you are going to have friends or family over to entertain, pub tables are sure to impress them. Additionally, they will maximize space and make the space more flexible.

Pub tables are high tables with relatively a small diameter, ideal for putting down drinks and perhaps small plates. Typically they are paired with bar stools, both in the store and in the at-home location. As in restaurants, a couple of people can sit on the stools while a few others stand near the table.

The Convenience of Pub Tables

Pub tables can be used for indoor and outdoor entertaining. Because they are portable, they can be moved back and forth if you entertain both indoors and on a patio in the warmer months. Some people will even put their pub tables away when they are not in use--storing them in the garage or closet, or even lining them up along a wall.

Pub tables can be selected to match the furniture of almost any room. They can be bought in sets with a bar and bar stools, or individually to match the furniture in a den or on your patio. The Internet will give you a number of options for all types of pub tables.

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