Retro Chairs

Written by Sarah Provost
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If you feel that your living room or office needs a little bit more pizzazz, think in terms of Retro chairs. The resurgence of Atomic Age styles and designers has resulted in a wide variety of choices, from egg chairs to Eames chairs to Wassily chairs. The problem used to be finding such treasures, but these days your biggest problem is making a decision among them.

Eames chairs are probably the most famous and most easily recognizable of all Retro chairs. They range from their original 1945 plywood chair to the wire mesh chairs of the early 50s to the opulent (and pricey) leather lounge chair of 1956. The Herman Miller Company still manufactures Eames chairs according to the original specifications.

Retro Chairs by Marcel Breuer

Marcel Breuer, who worked with the Bauhaus group in Germany, is another prince of furniture design. Breuer created such classic Retro chairs as the Wassily chair, originally made for his friend, the painter Wassily Kandinsky. Inspired by the handlebars of a bicycle, the Wassily chair is a wonder of tubular chrome and leather. Breuer also designed several styles of wooden chairs that seem to have been created yesterday rather than in the 1920s.

For a more playful spirit, look to funky Retro designs such as the egg and ball chairs of the early 50s, sling chairs, aluminum chaises and other witty styles. Don't feel you have to create an entire room in Atomic Age style to use one of these chairs. They work as well, and maybe better, as an accent piece in a more conservative room.

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