Retro Furnishings

Written by Sarah Provost
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A house filled with retro furnishings is most definitely a home, and a home that reflects the personality of its denizens. Retro furnishings create a playful and very individual aesthetic. While a Provincial room might be elegant and a contemporary room may be sleek, a retro room is fun and inviting.

Finding Retro Furnishings

Finding a piece of retro furniture that fits your needs, your taste and your wallet can sometimes be a little harder than buying other styles. Fortunately, the search is part of the fun. While there are plenty of showrooms and designers offering "retro styles," finding true retro furniture is a treasure hunt.

Used furniture stores are good places to start, but the best pieces to be found there are likely to be quite expensive. Yard and garage sales can yield exceptional finds--I once found a gorgeous Art Deco brass bed that had been covered with black paint, and bought it for twenty dollars--but the search is rather random and relies heavily on luck. Nevertheless, that can make your find even more meaningful to you.

There are two wonderful online sources for retro furnishings: eBay and Sellers post pictures of the items they have for sale. Then, on eBay, bids are accepted for a specified time. is not an auction, but more like an online garage sale. While it is not yet available in all cities, many larger metropolises have a site. If you know exactly what you want, say a purple '60s-style armchair, you can also post it under the "wanted" section. Finally, don't forget the obvious, such as the classified ads in your local newspaper. Have fun on the hunt for retro furnishings!

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