Retro Sofas

Written by Sarah Provost
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Retro sofas add a lively note to any living room. With their witty curves and wide range of colors, retro sofas have a personality of their own. They also express the personality of their owners in a very cheerful way. Which suits you better, a neo-Victorian asymmetrical curved sofa in purple velvet, or a black leather version of George Nelson's atomic age Marshmallow sofa?

Authentic retro sofas are getting harder and harder to find as the style gains in popularity. Two useful sites where you can search for these beauties are eBay and Craig's List. Most sellers post pictures with their ads so you can easily browse the sites.

Reproductions of Retro Sofas

Many fine furniture makers are now manufacturing reproductions of classic sofas from the 1920s to the 1960s. By buying a reproduction, you can customize the style and upholstery to your taste. Retro-style sofas, not actual reproductions, are also widely available.

Retro sofas mix well with many other styles of furniture. The sleek leather and chrome versions, for instance, coordinate beautifully with the simplicity of Asian styles, while the neo-Victorians add warmth and fun to a room furnished mainly in Shaker style. You could even combine the two different retro styles. For instance, you might set that curved purple asymmetrical couch next to a white egg chair, and it would work beautifully. The only rules you need to keep in mind are to buy pieces of high quality and pieces that you love.

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