Round Coffee Tables

Written by Sierra Rein
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Round coffee tables can be found in virtually every single material in hundreds of different styles. From fine polished wood to iron and glass, these tables can either complement or contrast with an existing look or feel. Small round coffee tables are usually used as side storage areas for plants, remotes, and photographs, while large circular coffee tables provide lots of serving space at intimate parties and family gatherings.

Using Round Coffee Tables to Improve the Layout of a Room

Decorating with round coffee tables can help to create a fun and harmonious living, especially when taking geometric shapes into account. For example, the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui holds that round shapes symbolize heaven, while square shapes symbolize earth. Placing these shapes together creates a balance between heaven and earth. Thus, one can easily create a more balanced and spiritual space by using round coffee tables and placing square or rectangular rugs underneath them.

Some coffee tables are irregularly round, meaning their edges may not be entirely even with each other. These tables can make a unique statement, especially when placed in the center of the seating area. Oval coffee tables are better suited for sofas or oblong rugs while small, circular tables work well in snug, confined spaces.

Your choice of seats can also dictate the size and shape of the coffee table, and vice-versa. Tall coffee tables on extended legs can be bought to match existing high seats or bar stools. On the other hand, placing a short, squat round coffee table in the middle of the room and surrounding it with exotic body pillows can make for a uniquely ethnic look.

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