Rustic Armoires

Written by Emily Ledbetter
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When built out of top-quality materials and designed and constructed by highly-skilled craftsmen, an armoire can become the piece of furniture that the rest of a room is anchored upon. The sheer size of many armoires automatically creates a focal point and the use of interesting woods can also make it a conversation piece.

Armoires built out of logs tend to draw attention for their rustic look. Rustic furniture is often incorporated in two types of homes: a cabin in the mountains being decorated to reflect the style and feel of the area or a home in the city owned by nature lovers who want to bring a bit of mountain charm into their living space as a reminder that there is life outside of the hustle and bustle of the city!

Rustic armoires can be constructed from a number of different types of wood, depending on your taste. Skip-peeled wood is popular with people going for a very rustic look with their furniture because these logs are peeled by hand, with chunks of bark left on the wood. For those who prefer a material that has a very smooth texture while highlighting the natural graining and appearance of the wood, aspen logs are a great choice. If budget is a factor when selecting a rustic armoire for the home, pieces crafted from turned lodge pole are often less expensive because the logs are machine-cut to a uniform size, making them easier to work with.

Not Just in the Bedroom

Traditionally, rustic armoires have been used for clothes storage in the bedroom. However, the pieces are now showing up all over the home. The size of an armoire can lend significant storage or display area to any room of the home. One popular use in the living room or den is as a media cabinet. Armoires also function well as china cabinets in the dining room.

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