Rustic Chairs

Written by Emily Ledbetter
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Have you ever been into a home or office that did not have a single chair? Probably not. However, how often have you been into a room where the chairs were so unique and striking that they became an instant conversation piece? By adding interesting pieces of furniture, a room can develop a personality of its own that serves as a reflection of the homeowner or decorator.

Rustic mountain cabin is one furniture theme that can be incorporated into any home. Chairs of all sizes and styles crafted from logs create an immediate sense of mountain-living and can be used in the kitchen, dining room, living room or outdoors. Log chairs are typically constructed using one of three standard types of wood--aspen, skip-peeled or turned lodge pole. Since many manufacturers will custom-build chairs, you have the option of picking the size, style and type of wood that best fits the rustic look you are trying to achieve.

Wait--Aren't We in Manhattan?

Take a risk when decorating your home--incorporate the unexpected and create a memorable look that will not soon be forgotten by guests and visitors. Just because you don't live in the mountains doesn't mean you can't decorate like you do! Who's to say that just because you live in a high-rise apartment in New York City you can't give your home that warm, cozy mountain cabin style? Bring in a set of rustic chairs as dining room seating or mix a log captain's chair in with your living room furniture for instant mountain charm!

Offices are also the perfect spot for infusing a bit of rustic style through furniture choices. Don't decorate the waiting room of your medical practice to look just like every other doctor's office in town. Rustic log chairs and mountain-themed accent pieces can create an inviting, comfortable atmosphere that can help put patients at ease in a typically stressful environment!

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