Rustic Decor

Written by Emily Ledbetter
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We have seen many design styles come and go (think shag carpeting and lava lamps) but history indicates that rustic décor has staying power. Incorporating well-crafted log furniture and rustic accent pieces brings that classic mountain cabin feel to your home that is guaranteed never to go out of style.

There are countless ways to integrate rustic décor into a home, cabin or office. Some people choose to bring large furniture pieces such as an armoire, log bed or coffee table in to anchor a room and transform the entire look and feel. Others who may have a more eclectic decorating style can choose from a variety of smaller, accent pieces that follow a rustic theme.

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces can be used both indoors and out to add a touch of mountain décor to a home. Chainsaw bears are popular decorative pieces that are often found in the yard or on the porch of mountain cabins and sometimes those of city or suburban homes. Small benches and chairs crafted from logs can also be used on a deck or porch as both decoration and added seating.

Incorporating rustic décor in the home by using accent pieces rather than furniture has endless opportunities. Mount a log mirror over the fireplace, unless of course that space is occupied by a deer head! Throw a bearskin rug down under the coffee table, hang antler lighting over the dining table or place wood-carved objects around the home. Another popular way to bring that rustic feel to your home is through mountain landscape paintings and photographs.

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