Rustic Desks

Written by David Somerfleck
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Traditionally, offices have been designed to maximize function utilizing clean lines, ample storage space and the convenient placement of everything you frequently need right at your fingertips. Unfortunately, this can often result in a boring, mundane office that a person can't wait to escape from at the end of the day. Choosing a unique desk can serve as a powerful way to bring a bit of style into an office, a room not typically thought of as a hotbed of design and décor.

When selecting a desk for your office, choose a piece that reflects your tastes and personality. Stuck in the office all day but long to be outdoors? Counting down the days to retirement when you will finally live in your dream cabin? A log desk may be just the thing for you! Log desks can provide a rustic feel to any office, creating a more inviting and productive atmosphere than the run of the mill desk found in the offices of your colleagues.

What Works Best for YOU?

After years in the work force, everyone develops a work style that allows them to function most effectively. Perhaps you prefer a clean working surface with all files, books and utensils placed neatly away in a drawer until you need them. Or maybe you hate digging through drawers to find what you need so it works best for you to have everything out in the open where you can see it. Custom-made log desks are the perfect solution as they can be tailored to fit your exact needs and specifications. Three drawers, no drawers, a hutch or file storage--whatever works best for you!

The type of wood used to craft your desk can be selected based on just how rustic of a look you are going for. Skip-peeled wood is popular with people attempting a very rustic look in their office because these logs are peeled by hand, with chunks of bark left on the wood. For those who prefer a material that has a very smooth texture while highlighting the natural graining and appearance of the wood, aspen logs are a great choice for a desk. Another option for the construction of a rustic desk is turned lodge pole which is characterized by clean, fully-stripped logs that are cut to uniform size.

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