Rustic Fireplace Mantels

Written by David Somerfleck
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Nothing matches the beauty and charm of a hand-carved log mantel above a fireplace. While you may not have the mountain getaway cabin to go along with it, a log mantel adds the perfect rustic touch to a fireplace in any home, no matter the location or style.

The fireplace is often the focal point of a living room or den and mounting a rustic mantel above it only enhances the warm and inviting nature of the space. Log mantels can be ordered in standard lengths that fit most fireplaces. However, mantels can also be custom-made to fit unique layouts including corner or extra-large fireplaces and to best match your desires and expectations.

There are a number of different styles of rustic fireplace mantels. A half-log mantel is one common style which features a log cut in half with a full round bottom and flat top surface. Additional posts projecting from the fireplace can be added under this style of mantel for decoration and added support. Another popular style is a thick plank mantel shelf crafted from one long piece of wood mounted into the wall with support beams below it.

Display Collections and Heirlooms

The smooth, flat service of a fireplace mantel lends itself to become the perfect spot for arranging accent pieces to complement the décor of the room. Collectors often use mantels to display groups of treasured items ranging from porcelain dolls and ornate figurines to shot glasses and Beanie Babies. Mantels also provide an area for framed photographs, family heirlooms, holiday decorations and candles.

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