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Rustic Lamps

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Rustic lamps do more than serve as an element of light in a room. When decorating your home, consider each accessory as a versatile piece of furniture. You want something that functions properly but also lends style to the room.

Why Rustic Lamps Are So Important

For this reason, you would not furnish your rustic log living room with chrome lamps. The chrome would take away from the natural element surround your living room walls. The ideal lighting solution in this case would be a pair of rustic lamps.

You can obtain these lamps from a number of different places. First, you may want to shop around your local furniture dealer. He or she may have some lamps that are both rustic and affordable.

How To Obtain a Rustic Lamp

If you don't have any luck there you could consider making your own lamp. Do-it-yourself guides can walk you through the steps of fastening a bulb and shade onto a log of wood. If that sounds like too much work for you, I'll make it a bit easier. Simply click on the link above.

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