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Rustic Log Furniture

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Rustic log furniture comes in many styles, shapes and colors. The first element when selecting your wood furniture is to decide on a type of wood. Choosing your wood requires special attention as your decision will have a significant outcome on your purchase.

Types of Wood

Oak, pine and cedar are perhaps the most common materials used in the construction of rustic log furniture. There are several reasons why these three types of wood are traditionally used. Most importantly, oak, pine and cedar are durable and naturally beautiful. They require no finish or maintenance to keep their brilliance.

Each wood offers its own individual look and style. While shopping, be sure to look at several different pieces of furniture to compare and contrast the advantages to each wood type. Some may work better with your existing decor than others.

Caring for Your Rustic Log Furniture

Your log furniture is a major investment and should be treated and handled with care. While you don't have to worry about every-day maintenance, be sure to ask a customer service representative how to best care for your furniture. Like all other types of furniture, proper measures should be taken in an effort to preserve both the beauty and stability of your log furniture.

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