Rustic Mirrors

Written by Emily Ledbetter
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Mirrors come in all shapes and styles and can be used in any room of the house. When shopping for a mirror, consumers typically search for a piece to match the existing décor of the room in which it will be placed. If your house is decorated around a rustic, mountain charm theme, you may want to consider the wide selection of log-framed mirrors that are on the market.

Log-framed mirrors come in a variety of sizes to best fit your needs, whether you are looking for a small mirror to place above the bathroom sink or a larger one to hang over the couch. Rustic mirrors can be custom-made if you have the need for a unique shape or size. In addition to the variety in size, each piece is different due to the natural graining and patterns in the logs used to construct the mirror frame. The three most commonly used types of logs for rustic mirrors are aspen, skip-peeled and turned lodge pole.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Perhaps the most common spot to hang a mirror is directly over the bathroom sink. While most homes already have a standard-cut piece of glass mounted in the bathroom, you can add a rustic touch to the room by removing the glass and replacing it with a log-framed mirror. Full-length rustic mirrors are popular in bedrooms and walk-in closets providing an quick and easy tool for determining if an outfit is flattering or coordinated correctly.

Are you trying to create the illusion of a larger room? Place a mirror over the mantel or couch for a visual affect that will make a room appear larger than it actually is. Decorative log mirrors can also placed in hallways or by the door for that last, crucial hair and make-up check before you or your guests leave the house.

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