Rustic Pine Furniture

Written by Emily Ledbetter
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One type of wood very commonly used in furniture construction is pine. It is a soft wood that is white or pale yellow. In addition to furniture making, knotty pine is used extensively for paneling, plywood, cabinets and doors. Pine is popular for both its attractive appearance and durability. Other advantages include the fact that it is quick drying and doesn't swell or shrink much with changes in humidity and it is one of the most economical woods used in furniture production.

Pine furniture adds a rustic touch to any home, cabin or office. Many people choose to incorporate unfinished pine furniture with their décor because it retains the natural look and feel of the wood. Staining and treating the wood used to create rustic pine furniture is also an option and is highly recommended for furniture that will be primarily left outdoors.

Virtually any piece of furniture found in a home or office can be constructed using pine. If you cannot find the pine bookshelf, chair, table, dresser, armoire or desk that best fits your needs, have a piece custom-built to your exact specifications. Other types of pine furniture available include sofa and loveseat frames, nightstands, porch swings and benches.

Solid Pine Beds

Perhaps the most popular piece of pine furniture found in a home is a solid pine bed. Pine beds come in a variety of styles and sizes, from a twin bunk bed to a king-size four poster bed. Many handymen are intrigued by the idea of building their own bed. There are a number of manufacturers that sell kits, complete with all of the pieces needed to build a solid, sturdy pine bed.

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