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Rustic Table Lamps

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Utilizing Rustic Table Lamps

Rustic table lamps might look a bit strange on a white tiled kitchen table. One of the most important aspects in refinishing your home decor is fluidity. Without a theme in your room, your efforts might seem odd and out of place.

Rustic table lamps would look fabulous on a pine dining room table or on either side of your couch resting on wooden end tables. Without finding some level of unity in the room, your style is overshadowed by the confusion. My advice to you, pick a theme and stick with it.

The Complete Decor Package

As I've mentioned before, decor is more than just furniture. You can have the most expensive, gorgeous furniture in the world and have a miss-matched room. Without all the elements, your efforts may be in vain.

Evaluate the existing floors, walls, accessories and fabrics in the room. Do they all flow with the country western theme you are trying to achieve? If not, replace each, piece by piece, until you have a final fluid look.

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