Secretary Desks

Written by Serena Berger
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Secretary desks have a particularly classy and elegant appeal. In the past, they have often been ornate pieces of furniture that can dominate a room, featuring cabinet space or display space, as well as a writing surface. Contemporary secretary desks can be similarly dramatic, or slightly smaller.

Secretary desks often have a number of small compartments in a cabinet above the writing surface. Some of these are particularly small, meant to hold pens, or a checkbook; others can be large enough to hold books. In some cases, there are open cabinets or cabinets with glass doors which can be used to display small treasures.

Finding Secretary Desks

Many people who are searching for a secretary desk will opt for an antique, as fine secretary desks have been made for the past several centuries. However, if you like the look of fine secretary desks and an antique is out of your price range, do not despair. Many furniture manufacturers make beautiful desks out of elegant materials today at a more affordable price.

Some secretary desks have only a few drawers or cabinets, while others will more than double in height with these additional spaces. Some have lovely rolling covers to the cabinets, and others have charming little doors or drawers with intricately carved knobs and handles. Secretary desks can be stately, elegant, and just a little bit whimsical; so if you were thinking of finding one, continue your search on the Internet today!

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